Imagine an artist studio. What comes to mind? Perhaps a solitary artist, rummaging through tins of paint and brushes, their endless canvases and easels lined up on the floor like soldiers ready for battle? Or a group of artists exchanging ideas and feedback with a cup of coffee before returning to their own worlds – desks with different sketches, books and materials?
One of the key findings in Understanding the Value of Artists Studios, published in April 2022 by Acme, the largest provider of affordable artist studios in England, emphasises that studio space is central to the artist's sense of identity and well-being. The report underscores the often-underappreciated importance of affordable artist studio spaces. After all, it’s a dedicated space for work where magic happens – almost a sacred space. In addition to other crucial factors, such as having a room – literally and figuratively – for growth and improvement, a significant part of this self-actualisation in a studio stems from being close to fellow artists.
Ahead of their upcoming exhibition, Nectere, at Kupfer – which concludes their year-long residency –I caught up with the Acme Early Career Awards recipients, MARIAHannah MorganDing Ruyi and Sabīne Šnē, to chat about their experience sharing a studio and the importance of such spaces.
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