Between Borders, exploring the self — writing workshop with Elida Silvey

Join Elida Silvey in a poetry workshop in collaboration with In Between Knots exploring subconscious desires, impulses and untapped memories. 
Together we’ll collect inspiration from other writers, artists and the world around us in order to respond to our inner emotions and reconcile our identities. 
Poetry is the point in which the outside world meets the inner one, joining to form a bridge between the two — so many of us form bridges between cultures, between versions of ourselves, here they will coalesce into one. 
In this workshop, we’ll develop our seeing skills, notice our surroundings, in order to respond with a piece of prose or poetry. We’ll itch impulses to better understand ourselves and share with those around us to feel seen. 
Poetry is for everyone, no gatekeeping here. No experience needed. Beginners welcome. Please note we won’t pressure anyone to share their work unless they feel inclined to. 

About the facilitator:
Elida Silvey is a self taught Mexican-American poet, writer and editor living in London, UK. Her self-published zines Home in Limbo, Southwest and her self-published book Nothings explore cinematic poetry centered around those closest to her as an exploration of the effects desire, language and memory have on identity. She is currently the Poetry Editor at Sunstroke Magazine where she occasionally writes, writer for Hard of Hearing Magazine and a part of the Gobjaw Poetry Collective and the second iteration of Un Nuevo Sol. She is also the Assistant Editor at Montez Press. 

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