A workshop with artist Nina Gonzalez-Park in collaboration with In Between Knots where we prepare tortillas for a taquiza! 
Although tacos have become a popular Mexican cultural export, the habits, stories, and cultures around tacos are not well-known. For example, a taquiza is a taco banquet or party typically hosted for gatherings, celebrations, or special events. 
In this workshop, we will explore Mexican food culture by making tortillas together to make and eat tacos in a London taquiza. Through tortillas, we will investigate the historical, societal, political, economic, and scientific roles of corn in Mexico and the contemporary Mexican identity. 
By learning about one culture, we can discover more about our own cultures and ideas of what “home” or “identity” mean to us. 

About the artist:
An artist-scientist navigating the cultural crossroads of the US, Mexico, and Japan, Nina Gonzalez-Park paints a canvas that mirrors her identity—simultaneously diverging and converging.
Armed with a BA in Neuroscience and a passion for global clinical research, Nina’s artistic exploration is a poetic journey through the materiality, physicality, and intimacy of creation. Constantly swimming between worlds, her work challenges the boundaries of possibility, embracing the unknown with a keen eye for the sensations that shape our existence.
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